Cheap but effective alternative to Viagra

Over the last several years, Viagra has brought excitement and passion back to the sex lives of countless men around the world. This little blue pill has already proven its effectiveness and it remains to be a favorite among men because it lets them achieve the results they want. However, side effects such as headaches can occur and Viagra has been related to heart problems as well. Meanwhile, another downside to Viagra is that it is a short-term solution to penile dysfunction. So, men are encouraged to take the pill for instant results instead of seeking long-term solutions.

It is a good thing you can find a cheap but effective alternative to Viagra that also provides long-term treatments to penile dysfunction. Before you start taking any remedies, however, you need to consider the current state of your health and the medications you are taking. In addition, you might want to consider counseling if the dysfunction is related to psychological issues.

You can also find an herbal cheap but effective alternative to Viagra. Unlike Viagra, which boosts blood flow in approximately 30 minutes upon ingestion, these natural products usually provide a longer-term solution without Viagra’s side effects. Some of the herbal alternatives that have come to light include:

  • Arginine – this is amino acid can enhance blood flow as well. In a Tel Aviv University study, 31% of men who had impotence problem reported improved performance after taking arginine for six weeks. Men with circulatory problems are the ones who will benefit most from arginine. This is because the circulatory disorder might be the cause of the sexual problem. It is recommended for you to take 1 gram of arginine three times daily; this is usually sold as L-arginine.

One word of caution though, you should avoid using arginine if you are taking some form of heart medication such as nitroglycerin because it may cause your blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels. Also, you should not take arginine if you are taking Viagra.

  • Gingko Biloba – although this herb is popularly known as a memory booster, it has other benefits as well. It enhances the body’s blood flow and it is free from side effects. In a University of California research study, it was discovered that 84% of men with sexual problems because of antidepressants showed improved performance after taking Gingko Biloba. The suggested dosage is 80 mg to be taken three times a day; it should also contain 24% flavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones for maximum benefit.
  • DHEA – this supplement basically helps the body produce testosterone and estrogen. DHEA can also help men who have low levels of this hormone in their bodies. During a study at the University of Vienna, it was discovered that DHEA can help men who are suffering from impotence. The suggested daily dosage is 5mg every morning.
  • Yohimbe – studies have shown that this herb can cure impotence but it is not without its side effects. Yohimbe can cause your blood pressure to rise and anxiety can also occur. It is suggested that you should take the purified form of this herb instead. The FDA-approved medication yohimbe can guarantee potency and purity.

As you can see, Viagra is not the only available solution to impotency. Herbal supplements can be a cheap but effective alternative to Viagra. In addition, these herbs usually have no or very minimal side effects.  It is no wonder then that a lot of men are now increasingly turning to these herbal solution.  You can expect to feel better and more energized over the long-term by taking these alternatives because it tackles the impotency problem at its root.