Buying Viagra online

Viagra: Stay Safe When Ordering Online


By now, almost everyone has heard about the little blue miracle pill Viagra. Since being approved by the FDA and introduced to the public in 1998, sales have skyrocketed with sales exceeding $1 billion by the new millennium.


Viagra is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction by relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow to the penis, allowing men to get and maintain an erection. It is usually taken as needed, though not more than once a day. Although other similar drugs have been introduced in recent years, Viagra is still the most well known and popular drug of its kind.


Like nearly everything else, Viagra has gone high tech, with more and more men buying Viagra online. In fact, Viagra is among the top selling online medications. Buying prescriptions online has many benefits, such as saving a drive to the pharmacy. Some men who may feel uncomfortable about suffering from erectile dysfunction avoid feeling self conscience when they avoid purchasing Viagra in person. In addition, many online pharmacies offer their prescription drugs at a much lower price than traditional pharmacies.


Unfortunately, much of Viagra’s online sales are due to scam pharmacies willing to sell medications to anyone who wants them, with or without a prescription. As a result, the recreational use of Viagra is on the rise. Men as young as junior high school aged are using Viagra in deadly combinations with street drugs and alcohol.


Many recreational users think it will make them appear macho by giving them erections that last for hours, but there are many dangers associated with recreational use. One of the biggest dangers is the combination of amyl nitrate and Viagra used to get high at parties. Both drugs dilate blood vessels and can be fatal when combined. Viagra is also commonly used to overcome the temporary erectile dysfunction of Ecstasy. Yet another danger of buying Viagra from pharmacies on the Internet that are not reputable is the fact that many of them do not offer the drug in its pure form. The drugs are often ordered from overseas and are not the “real deal”.


Buying Viagra online can be done safely if it’s done in the right way.  For example, you should only use Viagra under the supervision of your doctor. To avoid scams and other dangerous practices when ordering online, follow these tips:


  • When buying Viagra online beware of the “pharmacies” that offer prescription medications without needing a prescription, or who offer an “online consultation. These consultations are often noting more than a quick questionnaire used to make these sites appear valid.
  • Some online pharmacies, legit or not, may not make you aware of potential drug interactions that a trusted pharmacist may have caught for you. When speaking with your doctor about trying Viagra, always tell him about any other medications you may be taking so that any potentially serious drug interactions can be discussed before you even have the prescription filled.
  • Aside from all the “pharmacies” that may send you the wrong drug, a different dosage of the drug, or an impure version, there are also sites posing as pharmacies that never send you anything at all. They have you type in your information for the purpose of stealing you medical and financial records. You never receive your drugs and they have your credit card number. Make sure any site you send your information to is secure. This means more than just seeing a logo claiming all transactions are secure. When you get ready to check out, the URL for that page should be https:// not http://. The added “s” at the end means that the site is secure and that your information cannot be stolen and used inappropriately.
  • Any pharmacy you use should have an available phone number and a physical address. You should be able to talk to a licensed pharmacist any time. If there is no number, go to a different site.
  • If the site contains a lot of bad grammar and broken English, run away! You may just be visiting a reputable pharmacy who hired a really bad copywriter, but it may also be that the “pharmacy” is based in Russia and they are selling you a toned down horse tranquilizer.
  • Your safest bet may be to stick with pharmacies whose names you are already familiar with. Many well known pharmacy chains are taking business to the Internet, and you will know that a reputable pharmacist is responsible for any medications you receive and that your pills are the real thing. CVS is just one pharmacy that is taking business online. You can speak with your regular pharmacist about whether their drug store is on the Internet and if having your prescription medications shipped to you is an option.


If you have an online pharmacy in mind and want to find out more about scams and what to look for, visit the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy website. If you want to learn more about Viagra you can visit, or talk to your pharmacist or doctor.

Where To Buy Viagra

Where To Buy Viagra

So, it’s The Day After.  To put it kindly, last night’s “performance” wasn’t going to evoke a standing ovation, if you know what I mean.  Oh sure, she was pretty nice about the whole thing, but if she calls you back, it will be to see if she left her cell phone in your car, not to request an encore.  Oh sure, everything is working just fine now.  But how does a fellow ensure that he’ll be able to rise to the occasion when the situation demands?  The answer is simple – Viagra. Okay, now we’ve answered the original question.  Now we’ve got a new conundrum.  We need to know where to buy Viagra.

Where To Buy Viagra

The obvious answer is to go see your family doctor.  Surely your regular physician will be happy to write you a prescription for the magic blue pill.  However, since you’ll probably be seeing the local sawbones again, you may not want him or her to know that you’re running for the shelter of Pfizer’s little helper.  So, the “legit” route is out.  That leaves us with the more adventurous avenues of the World Wide Web.

Simply checking the spam filter on any email program will lead you to believe that there are approximately 1,487 “safe, reliable, and 100% legitimate” brokers of medication, just sitting by their computers ready to ship you the magic blue pills just as soon as you send them your credit card number.  Since you are able to read this article, we can safely assume you’re smart enough not to respond to any of these emails.  The only thing that will get bigger in a hurry as a result of answering any of these notes is your credit card balance.

A quick Google of the term “Viagra” (Because a quick Google is what we were after in the first place, right?) turns up precisely 80,300,000 sites.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m on the Internet looking for a pill to help put a rocket in my pocket, I’m not willing to surf eighty million sites to find it.  I need to know where to buy Viagra, and I need to know now.

The first set of websites we can eliminate is the set that has the words “safe” or “real” in the title. Experience tells you that any site that feels the need to post in huge red letters that it is SAFE is probably not.  Any “medication” garnered from these sites may indeed cause your naughty parts to grow – and turn green.  In the medical profession, this is called – pardon the technical term – “swelling.”  Another name for it might be “infection.”   Buying drugs here will likely necessitate buying more drugs from somewhere else.

If we eliminate all of the purely informational sites, such as Wikipedia and HowStuffWorks (if it worked, I wouldn’t need find where to buy Viagra), we’re left with two types of sites.  One type to avoid and one type that will take us where we need to go.

The type to avoid usually contains the phrases “Rock” “Stiff” “Bone” or “Fast” in the title.  Again – fast isn’t supposed to be part of the deal.  There is a subcategory of sites here that are based in Canada, Mexico, or other Central American countries.  It’s a good idea to avoid buying medication from places where the equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration is a guy who feeds things to a burro, a moose, or Michael Myers and then watches to see if anything dies or merely falls asleep.

If you won’t go see your family doctor, which is still the safest, smartest thing to do, the next best bet is to visit one of the sites that requires you to send your medical history to a doctor for review.  Upon that review, a doctor will approve you for a prescription, and the online pharmacy will fill the prescription and send you your medication.

There are a few things to look for in order to verify the legitimacy of these sites.  First, the medication will be shipped from inside the United States, and the Pfizer logo will appear somewhere on the website.  This guarantees that you are receiving the real medication.  The doctor who grants the prescription must actually require you to send your medical records.  Short of an actual physical examination, this is the closest thing to a legitimate medical procedure possible prior to dispensing medication.  Third, the website should offer secure transactions.  This means any page where you enter credit card or personal information should have an “https” protocol at the beginning of the web address.  This is standard for secure transactions over the Internet.

So, the next time your “get up and go” has got up and went, you’ll be ready for a little chemical reinforcement.  Just remember, in the event of an erection lasting more than four hours – make her buy you dinner.

How To Buy Viagra Online

How to Buy Viagra Online

At one time finding out how to buy Viagra online was the specialty of doctors and drug dealers.  One way involved an embarrassing trip to the doctor’s office where the unlucky patient would have to reveal the fact that he was having a difficult time achieving an erection.  The other way meant having to find someone who was willing to commit an act of crime, and while you didn’t have to tell them exactly what you wanted it for, they probably had a pretty good idea.

How to buy Viagra online

While there were many men who had no problem with visiting a doctor, there were some who did.  This meant that either they would have to engage in illegal activity (something a majority of the populace actively avoids).  So for many men this meant that a cure to their problem of erectile dysfunction would remain an elusive dream.

Changing with the Times

Times have changed (at least in some parts of the world).  Thanks to places such as the UK who have much more liberal medication laws than other places in the world, getting Viagra is now as simple as a stop by your local pharmacist.  Now instead of having to see a doctor, or worse yet find a drug dealer, a man can receive Viagra without embarrassing questions, revealing problems that you may not wish revealed, and also still maintain their privacy.  For millions of men this answer is enough.  But, what about those men who are not lucky enough to live in a country as forward thinking as the U.K?

Turning to the Internet for Help

For men who have the unfortunate luck of living outside the U.K. (or another country where Viagra is readily available) there is the wonderful invention known as the Internet.  Now finding out how to buy Viagra online is as simple as entering a search term, clicking a couple of links, filling in some information and it is on its way right to your doorstep.  While there are many people who have a negative opinion of this new ease of getting Viagra, there are many more that are more than happy it is there.


If you have a problem with people being able to get Viagra from another country simply by using the Internet, then you obviously are okay with the idea of people living unfulfilled lives.  For you, the idea that you are denying someone a way to live a happy life must fill some kind of special void in your life.  Thankfully most people don’t feel that way. In fact if asked most people are probably happy that there is a way for people to get past an over rigid system and still be able to get the things they need.

These people would probably tell a different story if something truly dangerous were being shipped from country to country, however Viagra is honestly a safe treatment for erectile dysfunction and has very few side affects.  There is of course the very well known fact that men who are taking nitrates for chest pain should not take Viagra.  It is also well known that Viagra is not an effective solution to preventing sexually transmitted diseases.  However when taken by healthy men for the reason the drug has been developed, there is no risk of death or any other long term consequence.

The final point is that a person choosing to take a medication is exactly that, their choice.  How than can anyone say that there is something wrong with allowing men who of their own free will seek to find a way past a bureaucracy that really does not consider the needs of the common person in several cases.  So if you have erectile dysfunction, feel free to order it from the U.K.

Purchasing Viagra the Easy Way

Whether you have struggled with the demon of erectile dysfunction for years or if this problem has recently crept into your life, you may be asking yourself one question:  “How do I buy Viagra?”  The great news is that there are many ways to do this and to finally bring an end to your sexual problems.  There is, of course, the old fashioned way of visiting your doctor and letting him know about your problem.  Many people who are in need of the relief this pill offers, however, have decided how to buy Viagra online and without a prescription.  Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, this method is now possible and available to people around the world.

Getting a Prescription from Your Doctor

If you have no problem with visiting your doctor and local pharmacy, getting hold of Viagra will probably pose little problem for you.  If this method works for you, you simply need to make an appointment with your doctor.  Then, you will tell your doctor about your problems and you will have to answer a few questions before you get a prescription.  Once you have the prescription, you only need to head on down to your pharmacist, drop off the prescription and, a few minutes later; you will have every thing you need for a night of passion. Many people, however, feel that this is not an option for them.

Reasons for Avoiding the Doctor

Every man has his reasons for wanting to bypass the doctor when getting Viagra.  Some feel embarrassed because their doctor is a personal friend.  Some simply don’t trust their doctors with a matter they find to be so personal.  Yet others are worried about going to a pharmacy to pick up the drug, as they fear their secret will no longer be quite as secret as they would like.  There are also people who are unable to easily visit the doctor or pharmacy because they either live a great distance away or are unable to fit a visit into their schedules.  Whatever the case, there are still ways to get the medicine you need without having to visit a doctor or pharmacy.

Turning to the Internet for Viagra

If you are one of the above mentioned individuals (or perhaps someone interested in recreational Viagra use), the best way to get Viagra is by using the Internet.  You simply log on, enter a term that fits your search, select one of the many options you have and, within a matter of minutes, your Viagra is on its way to your home or office.  This is a great option if you can’t rely on the old fashioned methods of visiting a doctor and pharmacist.  In fact, it is so convenient that many people who have little problem with using either their doctor or pharmacist choose to buy Viagra online rather than deal with the hassles of visiting a doctor.  After all, buying anything online is quick and easy and it saves you a trip out of the house.  No wonder so many people use the Internet for their little blue pills.

Shopping for Viagra Safely Online

Finding out how to buy Viagra online can be a tricky business.  After all, it seems every website that offers Viagra throws slogans such as “Cheapest Viagra Anywhere,” “Next Day Viagra Delivery” and a host of other such statements all over the web page.  Given the fact that almost every site sells Viagra and makes pretty much the same claims, it is no wonder many people are not sure which site is the best one on which to buy Viagra online.  In fact, this process can be so intimidating that many people give up on their quest for knowing how to buy Viagra online. This does not, however, have to be the case for you.  By following just a few simple rules, you can make your online experience far more pleasurable- no matter what you are planning to purchase online

Working with a Reputable and Safe Online Company

The first rule in shopping online is knowing whether or not the company you are dealing with is legitimate.  Determining the legitimacy of the company can be fairly simple.  First, most countries require companies to follow the incorporating laws of the country from which they do business.  Also, most companies have to follow international trade laws, which means the company needs to meet certain requirements in order to offer a product to an international consumer.  Still, it is a good idea to do a little research before making a purchase from a company you are not familiar with.  In addition, before giving out your credit card information, make certain you are conducting business on a secured website.

Shop Around for the Best Deals

The next rule of shopping online is to do some comparison shopping.  Look at the prices that other web sites are offering.  For the most part, you will probably find that the prices remain fairly similar and that there will be little difference from one site to the next.  The reason for this is that, in order to remain competitive, anyone wishing to sell a product is left with one of two choices:  they can either come close to the prices that have already been established in the market or they can try to set a new standard.  Considering how difficult it is to set a new standard in any industry, it is more likely the companies will choose to average their prices.

Watching Out for Extra Costs

As always, when buying medication or any other product online, be aware of how much you are being charged in total.  Many online sellers will sell a product for a very low price and then attempt to make their loss up by inflating the shipping costs.  While every merchant will charge a price for shipping, take a bit of time to make sure the merchant you select is charging about the same amount as other distributors.  Also, watch out for hidden fees.  These fees can be thrown in for almost every purpose imaginable.  Some of these fees include medication tariffs, payment for insurance that is actually the seller’s responsibility and other such things.  The chief thing to remember when you are looking to buy Viagra online is to not let yourself get confused or intimidated.  That way, you can make the wisest decision possible.

Alternatives to Viagra

Exploring Your Choices for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects many men in the United States and beyond. For many years now, the prescription drug Viagra has appeared to be a momentary cure for this condition. It works by allowing a man to achieve an erection during sex when he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Viagra has become incredibly popular, and many men are trying the drug, even many of those who truly don’t need it and who truly don’t have erectile dysfunction.


There are alternatives to Viagra that can allow men to achieve the erections they need without having to take prescription medication. Oddly enough, the main alternative to Viagra is the cure for many other conditions: diet and exercise. Studies have shown those men who eat right and healthily, as well as those who exercise regularly, are better able to achieve an erection when they need to with their partners.


Men who eat diets high in fats not only put themselves at a greater risk of obesity, they also have a greater chance of having erectile dysfunction. Those who eat the good fats in the world like the omega-3 fatty acids that are found in many types of fish don’t have the erectile dysfunction problem in as wide of numbers. Men who tend not to have erectile dysfunction also have diets rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. An alternative to Viagra is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly and eat whole grains as part of your regular diet. Other good things for men to eat are foods high in zinc like tofu and pumpkin seeds. These are all good items for you to include in your diet to avoid erectile dysfunction.


Men can also work on improving their exercise routines to avoid erectile dysfunction. Men who exercise regularly with a cardiovascular fitness regimen are less likely to have erectile dysfunction. Cardio workouts help get your blood flowing and pumping and enable the blood to continue moving at a good pace throughout your day. This is true especially if you have regular, high-quality cardio workouts. Good cardio workouts to aid in the elimination of erectile dysfunction include jogging, walking, running and cycling.


Another way you can eliminate the need for Viagra is to take St. John’s Wort. This is a natural herb that is sold in health food stores in tablet form. St. John’s Wort is frequently used to enhance a person’s mental health, but it works by increasing the blood and oxygen flow to the brain. This is a good way to improve your erectile dysfunction condition. The active ingredient in St. John’s Wort is Ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba will increase the blood flow in the most miniscule parts of your body within the most miniscule parts of your blood vessels. This can aid with many body functions and circulation, including erectile dysfunction.


Improved circulation is an important way to put an end to erectile dysfunction. Anything you can do to increase the flow of your blood throughout the body will help with your erectile dysfunction. Massages, for example, have long been known to improve circulation in parts of your body that are tense. Your back, knees, and shoulders are traditional places on the body at which blood flow can be reduced. With a regular massage, you can increase the blood flow not only to these locations on the body but to everywhere blood flows. You can use these choices for your erectile dysfunction, so you don’t have to take Viagra. There is nothing wrong with taking Viagra with the approval of your physician. But if you are looking for choices to improve your erectile dysfunction during sex, there are plenty of avenues you can take.